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Fitness is measurable. We can objectively determine how fast you can run a mile, or how much weight you can lift off the ground. We can determine your body composition and look at your blood pressure or resting heart rate. From all of those measures we could get an idea of your fitness.


But what sets CrossFit apart is not just its ability to bring you tangible fitness results. We believe we can help you run faster, lift heavier weight, and even change your body’s composition. The secret sauce for CrossFit, however, is in the intangible but equally valuable things. How do you measure the amount of joy you have when you get to workout next to a person who was once a stranger but has now become a genuine friend? How can you measure the feeling when you actually believe, maybe for the first time in your life, that your body is capable of far more than you ever imagined?


CrossFit Peacedale isn’t just about getting you into the best shape OF your life. We want to help you get in the best shape FOR your life. If you want to lose some of the extra weight you’ve been carrying around for too long, we can help you get there. If you want to be fit enough to play soccer in the backyard with your grandkids, we can help you get there. If you’re a former athlete who’s looking to capture some of the high you used to feel training with your teammates, we can help you get there too.


Your goals are yours, and it’s our joy and privilege to help you get there.


The best way to figure out if CrossFit Peacedale is for you is to come in and take one of our classes.

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